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  • Welcome
    All over the world, people, institutions and entire societies seek to achieve goals but deal with issues that affect their ability to exploit beneficial opportunities. The OPiALiZER Show™ is a place where goals, agenda, visions, etc are expressed and realized. The show offers individuals, families, schools, groups, communities, organizations, governments etc a platform to engage the public, clarify their goal and mobilize resources to achieve their goals.

    Goals Initiative
    The initiative is conceived to set agenda, promote goals and provide innovations that will help entities to model their goals and mobilize resources to achieve sustainability goals. The GI is powered by a novel Goals Model©, Goals Sport©, OPiALiZER Software©, OPiALiZERS Community© OPiALiZER Show© etc.
    Under the GI, we shall deploy our innovations to organize the OPiALiZER Show©, Goals Lecture, Goals Interview, Goals Challenge, Festival of Goals, to deepen conversations on the subject matter. Daily, these platforms will be used to mobilize resources to support entities working to achieve sustainability and other goals. We support and shall push to “Leave No One Behind".

    The OPiALiZER Show™
    The show is a total experience platform for news, agenda setting, analysis, education, enlightenment, engagement, action, resource mobilization, empowerment, entertainment etc. It generates content on goal related issues via interviews, entertainment, debates, meetings, lectures, town halls, competitions among others. We seek to be the preferred platform for the expression of thought on visions etc and rallying the public to act. The show will have guests from all shades of society who will give a lecture, answer questions, take a Goals Challenge to enlighten the public and mobilize resources to achieve the goal. The show is enriched with entertainment involving music, food, drinks and the novel Goals Sport©.

    The OPiALiZER Show™ Economy
    The show will create a global community of people who will intentionally promote harmony, co-existence, tolerance, love, friendship acceptance, oneness etc and ensure peace globally. On rollout, the show will (1) raise $5bn monthly to support the attainment of goals especially those linked to sustainability; (2) create a community of one billion followers; (3) cause millions of people to travel weekly to cities where the show will hold. Thus, the show will trigger a consumer market that is expected to add 100m new persons yearly. As they travel weekly for shows, these people will patronize airlines, hotels, banks, insurance, health, transporters, FMCG (food, drink, water, clothing, toiletries,) etc that will be worth billions of dollars. The show offers brands an opportunity to enrich their bottom line by serving this market weekly.

    The OPiALiZER Show™ Advantage
    a. A platform to generate and aggregate solutions to assist individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, governments, etc achieve their goals.
    b. The show uses a novel goals model, software and sport to transform statements into projects that the public can relate with and support.
    c. The show uses a novel goals model, software and sport to mobilize audiences.
    d. Arguably the only show that is laced with speeches, interviews, learning, entertainment, fund raising
    e. The audience and the public can align their personal goal with the goal of a guest or one under focus and benefit from resources that is mobilized to achieve their own goal.
    f. Guests can link their goal with a brand to promote, publicize and boost demand for the brand.
    g. Meet stakeholders from across the world who will support your goal.

  • Participation
    An individual, family, celebrity, diplomat, group, royal, entrepreneur, cooperative, community, school, organization, government, can be a show Guest, Host, Partner, Sponsor. Franchisee etc. There is provision for Discussants, Supporter, Attendees and Spectators comprising members of the public who will watch the show in-person or virtually and make the show a success. A weekly Goals Challenge offers a platform to engage global humanity and inspire people with resources they need to achieve goals. It is laced with entertainment involving sports, food, music, comedy and the novel Opia Goals Sport© etc. This specialized activity will involve thousands of people globally who enrol for the Goals Challenge (https://opializershow.com/goals-challenge) and mobilize resources to achieve goals.

  • We will draw guests from all spheres of society
    Government: President, Prime Minister, Mayor Governors, Legislator, Justices, Diplomats etc
    Diplomats: Permanent Representatives, and Ambassador etc
    Business: Founders, CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s etc
    United Nations: Secretary-General of the UN, Heads of UN agencies, General Assembly, Security Council etc
    Multilateral entities:  IMF, World Bank, EU, etc
    Education: President, Vice Chancellor, Rector, Chancellor, Provost, Researchers, Students
    Cooperatives: President of international, National and Regional Federations, Societies etc
    Celebrities: Icons in Music, Movies, Sports etc
    Royalty: King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Chiefs
    Entrepreneurs: Founders, Innovators etc

We will host episodes of the show under themes like Sustainability Goals, National Visions, UN Days, Funders Day, Memorial Day, Inauguration Day, etc while independent shows can be held for those who wish to address a specific goal or wish to celebrate the attainment of a goal.
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